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Transition time

Its my last week in India and as usual, after such a long stay, leaving brings with it a mix of emotions. The last five months have certainly been eventful! I feel like I have taken another big step forward... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad Concert and Workshop with Pt. Uday Bhawalkar – London

For my London family and friends, my guruji Pt. Uday Bhawalkar is in town this weekend teaching a workshop and performing an evening concert at the Elgar Room (Royal Albert hall) this Sunday 5th March.  This is a wonderful opportunity... Continue Reading →

A Good Sarangi Bow

The other day I found myself sitting with Shri Sarwar Hussain, a wonderful Sarangi player and a full of life character, late into the night. He showed me how his son is showing great promise on the Sarangi, we talked... Continue Reading →

A winter of sorts…

Things have been quiet of late with Guruji away. The winter, if you can call it that, has come and gone without making its presence felt in Calcutta. The coolest days experienced here are still what I would consider 'summery'... Continue Reading →

Tanpura & Anāhat Nāda

I would like to share a little about the instruments that feature within the soundscape of Indian classical music and Dhrupad in particular. For that there is only one place to start! Probably the single most characterestic feature of Indian... Continue Reading →

Namdhari Kīrtan

I would like to share a nugget from my recent research into one aspect of Sikh music. This is a slightly specialised topic but I hope one of interest to some. Amongst the Sikhs today, the Namdhari community, identified by... Continue Reading →

Food ‘n’ Mood

That's the name of the catering company here at the ITC SRA and it couldn't be more appropriate, I tell you, as they certainly know how to ruin my mood that's for sure! The daily battle with them to stop... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad – Part 3 – Bandish & Upaj

Happy new year to all! Winter in India means music festival season thus I've been busy attending Guruji's performances in and around Kolkata which is always a privilege! Witnessing so many performances is always a great opportunity to learn lots... Continue Reading →

Ustad Harbhajan Singh Namdhari – A Diamond in the Rough

I would like to share a few words about a gem of a person and a treasure of music hidden away in the town of Leeds, UK. Ustad ji lives in a tiny room tucked away in the upper floor... Continue Reading →

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