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Dhrupad Concert and Workshop with Pt. Uday Bhawalkar – London

For my London family and friends, my guruji Pt. Uday Bhawalkar is in town this weekend teaching a workshop and performing an evening concert at the Elgar Room (Royal Albert hall) this Sunday 5th March.  This is a wonderful opportunity... Continue Reading →


Tanpura & Anāhat Nāda

I would like to share a little about the instruments that feature within the soundscape of Indian classical music and Dhrupad in particular. For that there is only one place to start! Probably the single most characterestic feature of Indian... Continue Reading →

Namdhari Kīrtan

I would like to share a nugget from my recent research into one aspect of Sikh music. This is a slightly specialised topic but I hope one of interest to some. Amongst the Sikhs today, the Namdhari community, identified by... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad – Part 3 – Bandish & Upaj

Happy new year to all! Winter in India means music festival season thus I've been busy attending Guruji's performances in and around Kolkata which is always a privilege! Witnessing so many performances is always a great opportunity to learn lots... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad – Part 2 – Ālāp (Jor & Jhālā)

I introduced the concept of Ālāp in a previous post, a free flowing development and exploration of the Rāga. However, the Ālāp actually consists of multiple stages. When the first stage of Ālāp is complete an entirely new dimension enters the equation -... Continue Reading →

Vidya and Learning

This weekend has been taken up with Diwali festivities and Calcutta has been taken by a storm of light! Its been both beautiful, fun and unexpected in that the Bengalis celebrate Kali Puja at this time too. I stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad – Part 1 – the Art of Alap Now that I'm settled in Calcutta and getting into a routine I have the opportunity to share with you, or perhaps bore you with, an introduction to the music which is my passion. I briefly introduced the Dhrupad genre... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad, Sikh Music and the start of my journey!

It has been an eventful start to my trip to say the least. There was last minute drama before I even got on the plane where I had to rush to buy my return ticket at the airport as, under... Continue Reading →

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