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Dhrupad – Part 3 – Bandish & Upaj

Happy new year to all! Winter in India means music festival season thus I've been busy attending Guruji's performances in and around Kolkata which is always a privilege! Witnessing so many performances is always a great opportunity to learn lots... Continue Reading →


Ustad Harbhajan Singh Namdhari – A Diamond in the Rough

I would like to share a few words about a gem of a person and a treasure of music hidden away in the town of Leeds, UK. Ustad ji lives in a tiny room tucked away in the upper floor... Continue Reading →

Spending Time for Money

The days pass and my time is split between attending classes with guruji, practicing, shopping for food bits to supplement the canteen food which is no longer as appetising as when I arrived, washing my clothes by hand, toing and... Continue Reading →

The Morning Shop

India has the capability to wear one down. The unabating noise, traffic, pollution, dust, dirt and just the sheer number of people aside, I often find myself having to disregard my human side and to operate in a quasi-animal mode... Continue Reading →

Social Structures in Hindustani Classical Music

The last few days of mine have been dominated by the ITC Sangeet Sammelan, a prestigious music festival here in Calcutta. Apart from being an opportunity to listen to some of the greats of Indian classical music (see clip of... Continue Reading →

Dhrupad – Part 2 – Ālāp (Jor & Jhālā)

I introduced the concept of Ālāp in a previous post, a free flowing development and exploration of the Rāga. However, the Ālāp actually consists of multiple stages. When the first stage of Ālāp is complete an entirely new dimension enters the equation -... Continue Reading →

Useless paper

I am compelled to write this post in order to express the complete and utter chaos that I have witnessed over the last few days as a result of the decision of Indian PM Narendra Modi. I couldn't have dreamt... Continue Reading →

Rababis – A Muslim-Sikh Tradition

I mentioned the Rababis in my last post, in particular with regard to how their musical tradition represented one of the authentic Kirtani lineages dating back to the guru's times and how their tradition is practically lost today. Before coming... Continue Reading →

Vidya and Learning

This weekend has been taken up with Diwali festivities and Calcutta has been taken by a storm of light! Its been both beautiful, fun and unexpected in that the Bengalis celebrate Kali Puja at this time too. I stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

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