That’s the name of the catering company here at the ITC SRA and it couldn’t be more appropriate, I tell you, as they certainly know how to ruin my mood that’s for sure!

The daily battle with them to stop deep frying all the sabjis, cook the chapatis properly so that I’m not eating discs of raw dough and reduce the dangerous levels of salt in all the food is frustrating to say the least!

Then there’s the rice which is of a peculiar parboiled variety which expands in your stomach leaving you feeling strangely bloated. Add to that the fact that from day to day it varies in shades from off-whites to yellows and browns taking on the colour of the tap water in which it is cooked.

As a result I have had to connect to the Englishman inside me and write a letter of complaint to the director. I am now assured that I will will personally receive a different variety of rice, that the sabjis will no longer be fried and that salt will be drastically reduced. I am somewhat skeptical given the swimming pool of oil remaining on my plate after today’s lunch (see above)!

Oh well, gives me an excuse to eat out and savour good food all the more.