Things have been quiet of late with Guruji away. The winter, if you can call it that, has come and gone without making its presence felt in Calcutta. The coolest days experienced here are still what I would consider ‘summery’ according to English standards, with daytime lows only dropping to a mere comfortable 22°C. Anyway, no complaints as I certainly haven’t missed the bitter London winter.

Now the heat is once again encroaching, as if it never left, and with it the mosquitos, so I am ready for a final month spent back in the sweaty and itchy mode of existence which I found myself in upon arrival back in October. 

Heat, noise, dust, pollution and a telling expression

Now I quite like the heat but with the humidity it becomes a bit annoying I must say. I’ve not personally experienced it but the summer here in Calcutta is said to be awful with 6 solid months of maximum humidity and temperatures in the high 30s. It is only in winter that you can really enjoy the city without being worn down by the constant heat and humidity hence the reason for my coming during this period. 

For this reason also, this time of year is when Indian weddings take place and no winter is complete without attending at least a few. In that sense I ticked another box yesterday partaking in the decadent feast that was on offer during the reception of one of the music families here at the ITC SRA. The hot saffron milk at the end was the icing on the cake!

Hot saffron milk in a clay cup

Naturally, now I begin to take stock of my trip and turn my thoughts to what lies ahead when I return to London whilst also considering what else I want to get done in the final stretch before I leave. Lots to do and to look forward to!