To those who cast their eyes over these very letters it can mean only one thing. Yes… I am brushing the cobwebs off the old backpack and embarking once again on another Indian musical escapade! But despair not those who are less than enthralled at the prospect of another bout of an Indian travel veteran’s ramblings, for the landscape is recast and this blog is about to be hedge funded up!

That I go to study music should come as no surprise so I will henceforth be sharing more insights on the musical world which I have come to inhabit, its relevance to me as a Sikh, and the power and universality of the experience which such a rich musical art is capable of evoking. And if that’s not fascinating enough then the everyday spice of Indian life will surely conjure up some stories along the way!

On another note, depending on how you look at it, I have either stepped out of the dark ages and got with the times or been ensnared by the web of superficiality which plagues modern society. Either way you can now follow my exploits on Twitter and Instagram as well as this blog.

Thanks be to the universe and all that have made this trip possible once again.

I leave my London life behind in a big yellow box once again, and you all with that thought.