Well after a truly memorable and enjoyable 8 months away I am back in London and I must say as I got on the tube from the airport it felt like I’ve not been away a single day. Such is the familiarity of the London underground…

Anyway I’ve not come back empty handed but rather with some goods to sell.

Firstly up for sale are some 100% wool, kashmiri shawls in a nice selection of colours, all with varying degrees of hand embroidery. Take a look below. All for sale around the £20 mark, the ones with more embroidery costing slightly more.


Secondly is turbans! 100% cotton, good quality rubiya in a fabulous range of sophisticated colours, cut in 5 meter pieces. No more than 2 pieces of each colour so be quick if you see one you like. £6 for one turban.


Let me know if you are interested in anything otherwise looking forward to catching up with you all soon:)