Spent the morning being smothered in colour powder today, the composition if which I don’t want to think about given the slight itchiness on the skin that goes with it! I figured there’s little way to avoid the shenanigans so I just made sure I was wearing rough clothes;)


It’s good to see everyone in good spirits with a real party atmosphere everywhere and the roads as empty of cars as I’ve ever seen here in Calcutta with all shops and businesses coming to a halt.

After ‘playing Holi’ as they call it, which i have to mention most guys get over excited about here as its an extremely rare opportunity to come into close contact with girls in public, some guys then go and get drunk, my companions however decided to go on a wild goose chase in search of bhang or green lassi which I probably don’t need to define further. Having no success they decided to make their own by mixing some shivaamrit sachets from a paanwala, containing a thick green paste, into a special milky drink found on the streets at this time of year – thandai. Going by the look on their faces as they drank it, the makeshift bhang didn’t taste very good but I think the effect stood higher on the priority list then the taste. Anyway turns out my guru bhais were having such a concoction for the first time. One was eager and mixed 2 packets into his drink, poor guy, ended up suffering from an unpleasant bout of anxiety and nervousness shortly after and the other, who was very cautious and sparing with the green paste unsurprisingly felt nothing. You live and learn I guess!

Happy Holi!