I’ve been laying low in the SRA, Calcutta for the past month with restricted internet access hence no new posts from me of late. That’s not to say I haven’t been having a good time;) In fact I have been provided with sterling entertainment in between music practice.

I’ve been exposed to lots of different music over the last few months some it very good some of it not so. For the benefit of your viewing I have compiled a playlist of some of the highlights. In most cases this turns out to be a good example of how the music should not sound. 
Precaution: Make sure you are well seated before listening… You may be surprised by some of the sounds!

I’ll start with dhrupad, the music which I am studying, and my top candidate in this category is shree Pallab Das. Enjoy… Or not!

In the instrumental realm I have come across a sterling recitation of the ganesh stuti – a percussive prayer to lord ganesh – on the tabla.


And finally the SRA’s own Pt. Shyamalindo singing something which certainly cannot be called khyal with yours truly accompanying on sarangi whilst trying to contain myself from completely cracking up! This one gets particularly good half way in…


And to end on a more serious note, I heard a piece of early european church music, in a lecture here by composer Clarence Barlow last week, composed by french composer Perotin Magnus in the 12th century which I found to be so beautiful I thought to share for the benefit of those who haven’t heard the likes of it before.