Its back to lugging around rucksacks for a while this month as Guru ji is pretty busy this month so I have a little break from music (lessons, not practice mind!) in which we’re exploring a little of south India.

The itinerary for this little adventure has been Mysore, Madras, Mamallapuram and Auroville so far and the next is stop is Thiruvannamalai.

The highlight of Mysore was a crazy, Indian style all-day tour-cum-pilgrimage in a non-AC bus starting at 6:30am and ending at 9:30pm cramming in stops at 5 different temples, some of which weren’t mentioned in the brochure, and also including a lightning fast safari tour in a tiger reserve whilst covering 325km in the process! I have to say I enjoyed it simply because of the nature spots where the temples were located are beautiful and for a mere £3.25 you can’t really go wrong.

The banana section in Mysore fruit and veg market.

India 179

An elephant arrangement from bell peppers in the Mysore flower show.

India 118

Madras is just a big city so nothing to say about that but Mamallapuram is a nice small beach town littered with world heritage classified temples carved into single boulders and lovely beaches which makes it well worth the visit. Would have stayed longer were it not for the stiflingly hot, sleepless nights in which we were truly terrorised by mosquitos.



Just arrived in Auroville which looks like a great place and model for how India should be. More on that and more, of course, next time from me in south India.