After a considerable period of time off the radar I’m heading back to the land I hate to love. Yes… India beckons again!

Why… you may justly wonder? Some say to undergo Jedi training in the jungles of Maharashtra with an ancient master… Others say to renounce all worldly attachments and be initiated into an ancient order of Sadhus somewhere amidst the Himalayas… Some even speculate that its to reclaim the throne upon which I once sat in a previous incarnation as Maharaja of a bygone kingdom somewhere in the deserts of Rajasthan! In actual fact, the opportunity to study more music has simply presented itself and, truth be told, that is what causes me to endure the chaos of India once again!

I shan’t be blogging so prolifically but I hope to share some of my experiences, of music and of course the excitements of Indian life, from time to time during this period of study. Besides I won’t be constantly on the road but rather fixed in Pune for the majority of this trip.

Well, the taxi is outside so I bid you all a fleeting farewell for now until the next time, from within the land I hate to love!