4 months have come and gone and I sit on my hotel bed in Amritsar on the eve of our departure back to Europe… Woohooooo!

The time has flown by regardless of whether we’ve enjoyed it or not. The trip did not turn out quite as planned but things never do I suppose and less so in India. That’s not to say that I don’t have many great highlights to look back on but India can be challenging to say the least at times. Things like not eating fresh fruit or veg (raw/cold) and brushing one’s teeth with bottled water are principles I’ve willingly stuck to, and I should add have served me well, but I can tell you I’ll be eating an apple or two when I get back and glad to have the worry of such things of my mind. The heat, dirt, litter, poor hygiene, pollution, traffic, sheer population density, noise along with certain facets of the average Indian’s mentality (which of course, let it be said, gives rise to many of the aforementioned problems!) do grind you down over time and I’ll be oh so happy to be saying goodbye to them. Indeed I count my blessings that I’m in a position where I can live in conditions far removed from those described!

I have to admit I will miss a few things from here though so it ain’t all bad. The food at times has been unbelievably tasty and some parts of the country really do have a captivating beauty especially at dusk and dawn. Learning more about music through wonderful personalities and generally sharing some genuine experiences with authentic people are things I’ve really appreciated not to mention the interest in some of the Indian history, arts, crafts and architecture which I’ve also been garnering over this time.

Living out of a backpack and keeping on the move is an experience I’d recommend to anyone and it’s become so familiar to me now that if I was told that the rest of my life would be like that I would probably just submit, say “…OK”, and carry on. However my nature is very much to settle down in a fixed place and so I’m looking forward to coming back to a place I can call ‘home’ for longer than a few days.

We haven’t actually been up to much in our last few days here in Amritsar, apart from the inevitable bit of shopping, as I came down with some kind of flu bug (nothing exotic thanks be to God). It’s been good to have some sense of closure on the trip starting and ending in the same place.

I’ll probably add an update or two when I’m back to fill in some gaps here or there and shed light on some of the amazing developments that have come out of this trip but for now it’s time to wrap up as I’ve a flight to catch in the morning. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as I’ve enjoyed writing.

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