And so the journey begins…

We arrived in Amritsar on Monday 13th May in the afternoon. The AirIndia flight through the night was actually quite pleasant. I tried to power my way through all of the latest onboard movies but ended up falling into a rather uncomfortable, semi-conscious sleep for most of the flight having got through Life of Pi and half of Skyfall.

I must say the first day was a bit daunting adjusting to the heat, noise, lingual challenges and all-round intensity of Amritsar. The Golden Temple however, which we swiftly navigated towards, is a real sanctuary of peace for visitors – a true diamond in the rough! And Amritsar is quite rough… From the prevalent punjabi dialect to the pollution (more than in Delhi when last I heard), it is not a place I would choose to linger in I must say. Sitting within a shaded corner within the precinct of the Golden Temple however, squinting out at the soft hustle and bustle of visitors from around the world as the sun beats down inexorably upon the bight white marble all around and as the sound of devotional music floats across the holy tank of water, one forgets about one’s worries and what lies beyond the walls.