Dear readers,

And so it has come to this… I, Mr Social Media Recluse, have created a blog! Alas, I must admit it serves a good purpose for documenting this trip of mine and keeping friends and family up to date on what I’ve been up to. No doubt it will act as some sort of thread of continuity for me whilst I’m wrapped up in the chaos of India.

Regarding the trip, we (Me and Hari Kartar – ‘The Missus’) are flying out on 12th May which is less than 3 weeks away now. I did my visa application far too early and so it expires on 17/10/2013 meaning I have 5 months rather than 6 but better to have it early and avoid any last minute stress I say. In these 5 months our rough comings and goings are outlined in my previous post however this has a subject to change clause somewhat akin to the evident AirIndia scheduling policy of the flight I have booked us on!

Why India? After all I’m not exactly the adventurous type. Well, I vowed when I was younger (visited Punjab in 2006) to not go back to this forsaken country again; a place where  one consigns themselves to an inescapable atmosphere polluted with dirt, dust, fumes and all the smells under the sun; where one goes to get the experience of what being locked in a sauna 24/7 would be like; where one goes to guarantee inflicting sickness and diarrhea upon one’s self; where one goes to… I could go on! That said, I still have some fleeting fond memories of my time there and maturity has garnered interest and curiosity to re-immerse myself in that flowing pace of life, to explore and delve into the history of the religion I practice, to learn more and experience all the greatness this civilization has to offer and in particular to further my study of the music which I hold so dear. If this mental glorification wasn’t enough to cause a U-turn in my mind’s perception of India, lets just say I had a little helping nudge from a certain lady friend too!

Anyway, I hope that through my updates you can all, to some extent, enjoy the ride with me!