Starting off in where else but Amritsar; through some places of interest in Punjab up to Dharamshala to pop in and show our face at the Dalai Lama’s crib; then (if feeling brave) into no man’s land to steep in the beauty of Ladakh in Kashmir; back down to meet the Ganga and chill with the Yogis and Sadhus in Rishikesh and Haridwar; then onto Delhi (via Meerut – home of some old-school Sarangi makers) to see the historical Red Fort; seeing as we’re in India Taj Mahal, Agra, is the next destination; back onto the Ganga trail east towards Varanasi one of the oldest cities in the world(!) and of great significance to followers of Sanatan Dharma; seeing as its just a little bit further east, Patna, the birth place of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj; then (preferably by air) south into Maharashtra and Pune to learn some Dhrupad singing with Pt. Uday Bhawalkar for as long as i can afford (between both time and money); from here there’ll be some detours to Sachkhand Hazoor Sahib at Nanded and to Kerala for some Ayurvedic relaxation and sampling of the sumptuous south Indian cuisine; then onto the Bollywood capital of Mumbai to, amongst other things, pay a visit to the doyen of my sarangi Gharana – Pt. Ram Narayan and Harsh Narayan his protege; lastly the princely state of Rajasthan awaits, to see the sights and pick up some attire fit for a Maharaja in the markets of Jaipur! Pretty crazy, hana?